An Encore of No Anticipation: Is this the year the Academy Awards finally gets its bias under wraps?

“It would, the Academy promised, “take immediate action to increase diversity by adding new members who are not Governors to its executive and board committees where key decisions about membership and governance are made”. The board passed a series of measures to remove from its voting rolls members who have not been active in the film industry for many years, and establish a precedent requiring active engagement in the industry for new members.”–

Despite the good news that the Academy Awards is finally going to clean up its act after years of blatant racism, my eyes still glaze over at the hoopla surrounding it.  This has always been an issue despite the indifference it has been met with by the general public in the past.  I say that because the Academy has been racist longer than it has exercised acceptance and tolerance on a consistent scale. Many of the African-American celebrities who voiced their sentiments in protest against attending this year because of the unabashed prejudice in the Academy’s upper echelons, seem like people screaming about spilled milk on the floor when the entire house is on fire.

The Academy Awards is just one facet among many of America’s institutions that need a good enema. Still reeling from the open and unrepentant blood lust of police departments all across this country, I, like so many other African-Americans have grown weary of the racist culture that seems to thrive amid all this “diversity.” Trying to cover all the bases and nip this kind of insidious bias in the bud is like playing a never-ending game of “whack-a-mole.” The Academy Awards is just another river to cross.  For those who don’t see the connection between dead, Black bodies on the street and snubbed Black thespians watch the images you are fed through the media even closer.  What you are being presented with on the golden screen as opposed to the ugly that happens behind the scenes is incalculable.

That last statement might have been a bit much, but I’m still surprised that many people just don’t get it., STILL..

To add insult to injury, we still have to wait 4 more years in order to see any changes that the Academy heads propose.  What are these folks preparing for?  How many years has it been since these changes were desperately needed, anyway?  Okay, okay, I understand…it’s a business thing…these plans have to be rolled out, right?  Understood, but what fresh madness will be waiting on the horizon in 2020 when the first phase of Operation “Make it Right” comes to full fruition.  Sure, business-as-usual will change for the better and more renown African-American thespians will finally get their just do, but I think African-Americans in this area will still be playing catch-up to keep in stride with the pack.  Somehow, things just always seem to play out that way over time. It’s sickening.

I hope history ceases to repeat itself!

What’s your take on the Academy Awards debacle?


Author: ayres47

My name is Dana C. Ayres and I am a native of East Orange, New Jersey now living and working as freelance writer and independent contractor driver in Houston, Texas.

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