Blasting News 4/4/2016


Chocolate and cannabis:  good combo?



Author: ayres47

My name is Dana C. Ayres and I am a native of East Orange, New Jersey now living and working as freelance writer and independent contractor driver in Houston, Texas.

2 thoughts on “Blasting News 4/4/2016”

  1. Sure glad those days are behind me, largely because I probably would be among those tempted to try Whoopie’s new chocolate-infused product! Interesting question you raise here, especially since most don’t quite understand the true effects of chocolate in various situations. This will encourage women to do more research and think twice before imbibing.


    1. Same here, Annette. Those days are behind me, as well. But, I certainly remember the days of wincing in pain and popping pill after pill. I also remember having the uncontrollable cravings, too. I read about what Whoopi was doing and thought, “great, finally somebody got it right with the cannabis,” but the chocolate infusion just gave me a little pause. Thanks for responding! 😉


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