Mystery, Babylon the Great…

By Dana Ayres

Denial is a shameful mockery that creates unnecessary blindness and suffering.  We, as African Americans continue to mock ourselves with the illusion that somehow, we are not enslaved and oppressed here in these United States.   (Maybe it’s the English that throws people.  Our ancestors were once slaves, yes, but being enslaved is totally a different ballgame all together.)  Maybe this is the end of the road for us and well, what else can we look forward to.  After all, this is the greatest country in the world. What else is there?


Perhaps the real question concerns the intense level of denial that keeps us on the marching move with the hope that someday, things will eventually get better for us here.  Is it the ability to spend money we don’t have, like crazy, on things we don’t need or is it the ability to take part in a political process that neither cares nor protects the salient interests of the African American people, after all this time…

Even after Barack…

Maybe if we continue to take the high road and implore our teenage children to encourage others to do so after their mothers and fathers are brutally murdered, Amerikkkan-style, for all the world to see on the cable news channel and social media, we can begin to encourage those in positions of authority to care enough to forfeit their luxurious comforts to “ease up” a little and make the hounds back off.  Would the hound be any less of a hound if they didn’t have a badge and a gun?

the devil
Dylann Roof, the Devil


Well, what does “better” look like?  Does it mean asking for anti-lynching legislation during WWI and with the onslaught of deadly race riots and not receiving any serious acknowledgement of it by the powers that be until after WWII? (It was soundly defeated, by the way). Does it mean receiving assistance from the government at the expense of family stability and cohesiveness?  Does it mean achieving the right to choose and then given a license to exterminate 15 million of your people before they even see the fluorescent lights of a maternity ward?  Or perhaps it’s getting that college degree only to find oneself struggling to pay back loans in an economy that stifles entrepreneurship and self-made wealth among your own people.  (Etcetera, etcetera…) There are so many ways to deny the obvious and settle for breadcrumbs because we really don’t want no trouble


But we’re still catching hell, anyway!

Let’s face it, Black America is at war for its collective existence and we are STILL an enslaved people in captivity.  No matter how many degrees and accolades you amass in this land, you can never rise above the collective condition of your people.  It’s nice for rich, Black athletes to take a stand and call for change.   Muhammad Ali and the two, brave Olympians in 1968 are just a few that did the same thing.  How much better did it get?  Jesse Owens got snubbed by President Roosevelt, of all people, after embarrassing our German, arch enemies…go figure!  Black entertainers and philanthropists have showered their people with love, money and support.  Some, like Paul Robeson, Eartha Kitt, James Baldwin and Josephine Baker paid the price of being exiled, outcast and blackballed for the sake of their people.   How much better did it get?  How many rich Black people today would volunteer to suffer the same fate? (Paul Robeson…Robeson…)

Paul Robeson, American Icon
Paul Robeson, American Icon

I am an enthusiastic student of Black history so I can go on and on with this, but the question still remains…how much better are things getting or is it the same old crap wrapped in shiny tinsel?

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m tired of watching Black folks die in Primetime.  As sick as this may sound, there was a time when horrible stuff wasn’t shown on the television for the sake of sensitive viewers.  But we’ve graduated from photos of the unfortunate Black victims of lynch mobs to Black men being executed on camera, while pinned to the ground, screaming in terror.  It makes me sick…

Lawd, I can’t breathe…

It’s no mystery that this place is covered in the blood of our people and it’s time to stop shucking and jiving about how we really feel because we need that damn job we got to keep pining away in la-la land.

Pining Away

I’m human and I’m tired, dammit, and it hurts!  I want the wanton, racist and senseless murder of
Black people to STOP… NOW and I’d like to live in a world that does make a mockery of my true existence…my truth.

But, this is just one article, written by a writer that most people barely read, anyway.  Heck, some may think I am writing this for the sake of some attention and dismiss its message, entirely…

never picking up on its true meaning at all.

Perhaps I should continue to do what I deem the “mystery hustle” like everybody else, never truly coming to terms about the inherent evil of my own deniability.  Well, I can’t because that’s what real enslavement is all about.  It’s the mystery that mocks.



Anybody wanna buy a TV?




Author: ayres47

My name is Dana C. Ayres and I am a native of East Orange, New Jersey now living and working as freelance writer and independent contractor driver in Houston, Texas.

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