“Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class” by Lawrence Otis Graham


If you are the kind of person that enjoys getting the “low down” on the so-called “higher ups,” check out this book review…and then check out the book. Fascinating summer reading is at your reach!


The 2016 Oscars Assassinations: Yes, fat meat is greasy, folks.


Holding-Oscar“Have you ever been hurt and the place tries to heal a bit, and you just pull the scar off of it over and over again?”–Rosa Parks

I’m so glad I managed to miss the Oscars this year.  Just looking at the particular highlights of certain African American entertainers has given me a painful, aching slow burn.  I cannot believe that in this day and age,  after all we have been through as a race of people in this country, that buffoonery at this low and unimaginable level, would dare to rear its ugly head…again.  To add insult to injury, the fact that it occurred in the middle of a Black boycott of the Oscars event, intensifies the shamefulness of the spectacle.  Perhaps, the producers wanted to “lighten the mood” a little with humor.  Okay, but after this mess, the lesson has to finally become “etched-in-stone,” unspoken law that the African American struggle for equality is nothing to joke about–ever!  Too many lives have been ruined, too many people have died, too many sacrifices have been made in the entertainment industry, alone, to continue to engage in this archaic and unbearable carnage in 2016!

Joking about Black struggle should be the “third rail” of everything…touch it, and you’re DEAD!

Watching Stacy Dash make an ass of herself was…well, expected, to say the least.  She’s done so much of it lately that I was left wondering why she even bothered to show up to the event.  But, to put our best and brightest on “coon blast” was hard to watch.  Chris Rock is a brilliant Black comedian of the highest caliber.   He came from the humblest of beginnings and worked his way to the top of his echelon to become a well-respected Black figure. I have nothing but immense respect for the man.  I understand that he has to work, but sometimes, a line has to be drawn. He should’ve said no to the Oscar gig, in my opinion.  The #OscarsSoWhite campaign was an attempt at trying to put lipstick on a ugly pig.  Please, don’t ever do that again, Chris.

Another very difficult skit to watch was one showing my (s)hero, Angela Bassett giving “Black” props to White comedian, Jack Black.  Ms. Bassett, to many, represents the image of quintessential Black excellence.  She is a product of the Yale University School of Drama and she is best known for intense portrayals of biographical figures like Betty Shabazz and Tina Turner, just to name a few. I think she was definitely slummin’ it with this particular Oscars appearance. Needless to say, I was left breathless and in outraged awe at the sight of it. I’m not sure if she was asked to do the skit or if she volunteered, but one thing’s for certain, to me, she really didn’t NEED to do that.  So, I ask “Why?”


With this 2016 Oscars event, it appears that the struggle for Black equality, itself, has been reduced to “entertainment-grade” quality.  It seems that lately, any struggle that African Americans engage in, up to and including the “Black Lives Matter” movement, is ultimately undermined by adversarial forces hell-bent on cutting us down and some of our own people are only so eager to assist these bums in the carnage.  Maybe I’m coming off as just a bit sensitive, but, to me, it’s a painful thing to watch African American “iconography” be reduced to something akin to unfunny, inappropriate, ill-timed jokes in a smoke-filled room with one slow, bored, tired clap emanating from the rear of a darkened lounge.

I say these words out of nothing but love for our people and the pain at watching the annual Oscars slaughter.  It was particularly painful to watch this year (and I only saw the snippets!) So, it’s only fitting to say that although I’ve never been too excited about the event to truly partake in it, I will continue not to…year, after year, after year.

Too harsh?  What’s your take on the happenings at the 2016 Oscars?

This guy was just as disgusted as I was and, like me, he got the after effects and was spared the full-frontal assault!  Check it out…